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Daily Post for February 4

I am not sure why but today , my feet hurt worse than have in a very long time.  What was neat was that just this afternoon we moved my recliner to a part of the room where I could actually sit in it and put my feet up . Before it was sitting in a part of the room where I wanted to use it I had to move stuff off of it , and I could not use it to watch TV because it facing the corner on the other side of the room .I sat down and watched the news and I feel the pain almost drain away ( if such thing is possible )

I got one block of my wall hanging done . I have a wall hanging that I am doing for a friend , and it is now at the top of the list of projects to be done before I move. We had quilting today instead of yesterday. I was some what dismayed to realize how much time it takes me to sew . It seem to me that I did more talking than actually sewing . I am starting to think I can’t do much very fast these days. My mind just works slowly so I move slowly. I read a book way slower that I would like to .  All the stress has fried my mind I think. Have a doctors appointment on Feb 14, guess that will be another  step in making some changes in my life .


Posted by: chocolatequilts | February 4, 2011

The Day After the Storm

Got to do more packing than we planned on today, as quilting was postponed because members were snowed in and the church driveway where the group meets was not plowed either . Here are some pictures from the day after the storm .

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Daily Post February 2

It is Ground Hog day and some creature in PA.predicted an early spring , if such is true , we are getting lots of snow in the mean time .

Check out these pictures

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Check out my video on you tube as well –

Despite all the snow my friend arrived this morning and we sorted and packed clothes from the spare bedroom and a lot got to go out the door

Started a  new book today  – ” The Seeker by Anne H Gabhart.

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Daily Post for February 1

We are in new month , at the end of it , we have will have passed through another 28 days of winter . I don’t dislike winter , but I do dislike the dark gray days. I have noticed the days are getting gradually longer though.

February 13 marks the 27th birthday of my twin daughters, that day evokes a life time of memories .

My friend and I packed this morning – from approx. 9am to 12:50 or so pm. Actually we cleaned out some book shelves and sorted through some clothes. She reached for the items, I told her which piles to put things in , and then they got packed. Some are to keep, some to leave the house .

Here is a picture of my cranberry-nut bread. It tastes so good . Need to figure out how to distribute the cranberries throughout the loaves a bit better though.

I am currently reading ” Critical Impact ” by Linda Hall. She is local New Brunswick  author. You can find her on Facebook .

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January 31 Daily Post 2011

I  have had a good day and I do not feel the sadness that I wrote about in yesterday’s blog . Good thing , yesterday depression was talking and screaming. I had a good night sleep , and today was rather stress free. I am hoping to have a good night sleep tonight . I have to be up by 8am, my friend is coming to pack and she can’t stay all day .

Most of my online time got used up this evening by the fact that I finally took some time to made two cranberry-nut loaves . By time the cranberries were  cut up, all the ingredients were  measured and mixed, put in to pans , over an hour had passed and then I took another 1/2 hour to clean up the kitchen . (and I spent 20 minutes before I even started looking for a parchment paper substitute , only to find out after the loaves where in the oven and I was looking for a clip to put on the bag of walnuts , my parchment paper was in the drawer for the aluminum foil and silicone baking sheets . Oh well such is life .

I will try to post a picture of the nut bread for tomorrow night .It looks good so far.

Must hurry on .

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Daily Post January 30

Gosh,this month is just about gone – I keep wanting to quit writing this blog already .  One of the reasons I do keep on going is that I have been posting some things from each day , without this the days would just all blur together  I am sure.

In church this morning The preacher asked the question “Have we stopped expecting things from God .”  I think in some ways I have .  I don’t expect much to change in my day to day life any time soon . It’s Jan 30th and we are supposed to move out of this house on April 30  – 3 months from now . To date we don’t  our location , if it will be a house or apt . if Ron will have a job or if will go to school. If he goes to school we do not know how he will pay for it .

Have not been on medication my medication for awhile now, first it was because I was stressed and kept forgetting. Then one day I realized I had forgotten too many times, so then I just quit. Then I realized that I could not start it up again without changing the dose. I need to call my doctor for that, have put it off because of the embarrassment . But now I have to make myself do it call.

I want to curl up in God’s lap that way Flossy curls up in mine. However I really just want him to cushion me from all the pain,hurt,disappointments ,wondering , worries, and what ever I am going to have to go through in these next few months. I am so very tired , I want to go to sleep, and sleep until something good happens to me .  I don’t expect that,  that is going to happen , but I shall go on. My heart feels broken but I don’t  think I will get to die from a broken heart .

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Daily Post for January 29

I ended up up taking the day off  packing completely . I woke up an hour after I had planned to , and decided to go back right back to bed . I needed the sleep .

This is a place mat with a few pictures of Grand Manan on it .

I have read this poem before, but it made me sad when I read it the other day . I love the island and I wish we could stay here until we die, but we can’t . I have been very sad about this , but this poem reminded me  that ” Grand Manan ”  has just been  a  ” resting place ”  I do hope that I will have an opportunity to visit again sometime though .


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I was saddened to read on facebook this evening the christian writer Leisha Kelly passed away this week along with her 16 year old son . I thought that was just so sad . I recognized the name right away because I have 6 of her books .These books focused on the families that struggled through the time of the Great Depression . Her website can be found at and a link to obituary  can be found at

We packed from about 10:30 to 3:30 almost finished the sewing room, I was going to finish this evening but ran out of energy .My library (at least most of my novels  about 3-4 shelves full left are all packed as well )

Got talking to Christy today , and got sucked in to a shouting match . Advice to self don’t start discussing something when you are hungry and tired . You end shouting and acting in the same childish manner that Christy carries on in . I told her she sound like a raving maniac , she said I didn’t have to be so insulting or mean .  I don’t think she was in a good mood all day today anyhow.


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Daily Post for January 27

I had set my alarm to go off at 8:30 this morning .For some reason it did not off and Ron woke me up at 8:45. He said it was storming badly . I called Beverly , no answer, so I figured she was on her way. I called Martha no answer. I went upstairs to get dressed and saw Martha and Nancy go in to the church vestry. So I got dressed and got myself and Flossy ready , and Ron took us over so we would not have to trudge through the snow.

Martha, Nancy, Mary and Dawn worked on the raffle quilt . Beverly and I worked on our own projects. Flossy found a lap to sit on and she was happy .

I worked on my wall hanging that I had started  last fall at the quilt retreat in Maine. It took me over 3 hours but I did manage to get it all sewed together. Now I need to add a border and a backing , and I can begin to quilt it . Not sure if I will do this before or after the our move.

Decided to take the day off from packing but will get an early start in the morning .

I guess that is I all I have to talk  about for  day and  I have already used up the time I allocated to blog  for today .

quilt blocks -someone snapped a picture of my blocks while I was off getting some coffee

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Daily Post for January 26

Packed again today, I think I have finally gone through all my fabric and decided what to keep , what to give away and what to toss in the garbage ,not a whole a lot went to the garbage, If it did it meant it was dirty, or too small or too thin to be used in a project .

Hubby packed more pictures, my friend who shall remain nameless to protect her identity on a public blog , packed more books.She is a total gift from the Lord that is for sure .

I am totally wiped out , so will keep this short , going to go do my spins at Winster and then take my book and go to bed.   I just came back out of my sewing room , was in there trying to make a decision about something, waste of time, my mind is too fried. That is depressing .

oh the book I am currently reading is Arkansas by Christine Lynxwiler .It is not that recent and I bought it second-hand but it is a good very book . Love the romance .

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