Posted by: chocolatequilts | August 7, 2010

Sea Shell Projects

My inspiration for these projects was a shadow box that I saw at my friend Joyce’s a couple years of ago. She told me that someone on the island had made it for her; I forget now who it was. I was inspired and decided I wanted to make my own project. Two summers ago I collected most of the shells. This past month I have been working on these projects, first painting some of the trays, and planning the layouts and finally using a glue to attach my materials to each to other. It has been fun, and I like the results! And as I look at the shells they are another reminder of my dear friend who passed away in May of 2009

Seashell Tray 1

Seashell Tray 2

Seashell Tray 3

Seashell Tray 4

Wreath 1

Wreath 2

Picture Frame

Shells,sea glass and rocks on a scallop shell

Shells rocks and sea glass on some driftwood


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