Posted by: chocolatequilts | August 8, 2010

Hiking and such

This morning I sat in church and all of the sudden I started to cry and then sob. I had to get up and go to the washroom even after that the tears just kept coming. For something reason thoughts of the loss of my dog Snuffy really got me. I sure do miss the little guy. I find when I get up in the morning, I look behind at the bed, seeing if he is still in there. He used to sleep with us, and when I got up , after a bit he would poke his head up from where he was sleeping.

I decided to join the hiking group today. The took a hiking path around Dark Harbour. I decided not too far in to the hike I was a bit nuts but I pushed on .  I am not sure how far we walked but it was over slippy rocks and then rough terrain on the breakwater.  I thought were walking around in a circle and then I found out that no , there was a spot where there was water ,so we would have to back track. By then I was tired and kept thinking I don’t want to back track. I saw some fisherman going in their dories out to the weirs. So I started praying , two went by , but they went up and over the breakwater and back in to the ocean on the other side. I walked some more and finally a 3 rd boat came along and I got him before he got on the beach. I asked them if they could please give me a lift back to the wharf. and thankfully he did .  When I got in my van I realized we had been only gone and hour and 15 minutes, it sure seemed a lot longer to me .  I was so thankful that I got a boat ride back, as my knees were some sore bu the time I got home.  It was kind of neat because I have always wanted to ride in the dorey’s but never had the chance.

The Sea Wall at Dark Harbour

Dorey at Dark Harbour


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