Posted by: chocolatequilts | August 9, 2010

Many have been claiming that they have been addicted to their online earning activities for some time now. I would have to admit that I am too.  Gather is just one  the  many site I have signed up for to try to extra money , just recently I resumed doing my Lot and I joined Redgage, and Side Tick.Oh and I earn gift cards on Winster too.

I often dream about these sites. For example one morning  I had a very intense dream about Gather.

In the dream I was publishing the same article over and over again, and desperately trying to gain audience. I kept changing the title and kept digging for more and more descriptive words to add to my tag.

Once I pulled my self from the dream I finally decided to get up and give in. Maybe doing some Gathering would sort out my thoughts and let my mind finally rest.


How can I possibly sleep when people in other time zones are up  making money ?


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