Posted by: chocolatequilts | August 11, 2010

A New Goal Realized !

I almost did not get to go out on my bike much today at all.I had been down to the bakery earlier , but it is only 3 doors down, so it was just a fast way to get there. Then I about 9:00 I decided I had better go biking. It occurred to me that it would be nice to conquer the hill that I had been avoiding all summer. I took off on my bike and rode for about 2 k’s and told my hubby to meet me at the bottom of the hill. I was thinking if I got stuck part way up and had to stop , he could push me and get me going again . Well .I stopped and waited for him and after 5 minutes decided to go the hill by myself. I took off and huffed and puffed, but I made it up the hill. Then I had a long ways to coast down hill. That was fun ,but then I got thinking gee I have to come back up this hill. Anyways I kept going until I got to the ferry. From my house to the ferry is 1 mile. Now a mile is not so far for me anymore, but this has some long hard hills. My husband showed up and I had him go ahead and wait for me at the top of each new hill. On the way back from the ferry terminal was another huge long hill. Well I huffed and puffed and moaned and groaned so loudy that a lady that was out running turned around to see if I was okay .Smile That was almost funny ! But I made it up the hill and got to coast down the hills that I had struggled to come up earlier . My hubby was pleased with my accomplishment. I thought I should give myself at least one gold star !


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