Posted by: chocolatequilts | August 13, 2010

SouthWest Head Lighthouse or Bust

I had some extra energy and some frustrations to wear off this evening . So I decided it was high time Ifinished my quest to ride the length of Route 776 here on Grand Manan Island. Linda and I did did the first jaunt on July 6( and the 2nd part on July 9.(!/photo.php?pid=4997862&id=662916894&ref=fbx_album )This and that caused us to delay finishing our journey to the end of the Island,

So I asked Ron to come along with me, wedrove to 2294 Route 776 where Linda and I had left off. It was getting dark by that time, so even thought I had a light and reflectors Ron decided to drive the van behind me for extra safety.

I started out and did alright until I encountered a couple of very long steep hills. One was right around the painted sign on the road for ” The Flock of Sheep ” I pushed the bike up two of these hills ( think Ron had to help mepush at this point) Got through those hills , there was one long down hill that I coasted down. It was so steep I didn’t dare just let my bike go , I was afraid I might lose control and do more than fly down the hill. Kept on going found some more hills, but this time I stopped to catch my breath, got Ron to give me a push and kept on biking on until it was time to catch my breath again . I was biking along and came to that very last long hill . It seemed very , very long and I could not see what was after that. So I sent Ron on a head. He came back and said it is up hill all the way to the lighthouse. I said more up hill than where I was? and he said no, so I biked and rested 2 or 3 more times and then uttter relief I made it !! Stopped and caught my breath and got some pictures.

Igot Ron to measure the disance from 2294 to the lighthouse and it was 4.5 kilometers ( which translates in to 2.7 miles .) Riding back in the van I was glad that I did not have to bike back because although I could have coasted back down some of the hills Ibiked up, there were the hills I had coasted down on the way that I would haveto bike “up.” ( You know the old saying I walked to school, and it was up hills both ways- those roller coaster hills reminded me of that .)So what is next , not sure yet but I will keep you all posted ! 🙂 Oh this link will give you a very interesting history of the South West Lighthouse

2294 Route 776
Me at SWhead Lighthouse

Ron, my trusty escort and dear husband


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