Posted by: chocolatequilts | August 18, 2010

History of Back Pain

First article written May 30, 2007

I am in Pain and it is not time yet for another pill !

I have been thinking about this , and finally I am going to do it . I am going to post a rave . I have suffered for almost 3 weeks now. I have no real clue what to do about it . I have had a pinched nerve since Novermber. I am told that it is my sciatic nerve. The pain starts in my left hip and it travels down to the bottom of my leg . The pain level varies . When it gets unbearable I am flat on my back. It is about at that stage right now , but I am wanting to write about this thing so I am rocking back and forth in my chair.It started off that the pain only bothered me part of my day. A tylenol 3 would take care it. I could sit and down and do what I wanted to and it wouldn’t hurt. I couldn’t do house work , but atleast I could walk around my house. Well ,like I said this had been giving me grief since November.  Now it is to the point that I can take pain medication but if I want the pain to stay away I have to stay still, preferbly lying down. Lately I can take my medication and feel comfortable and then I can get up and walk down the hall to the washroom , and bang. The pain wakes up . It burns in my hip, if it travels down to my calf , it  feel like someone has their hands wrapped around my calf and they are trying to crush it .  Sometimes in the past ice has helped it, today the ice is not doing a thing .

One thing that has really frustrated me is that I phoned the back specialist last week. I am told I am on a waiting list and the list is 8 months long. I think I got reffered in March , so that makes my appointment not until about November. I could go insane before then. I am rather scared of getting dependant on Pain killers. I am on a med now which is a lot stronger than Tylenol 3.

People have suggested a Chiropractor, been there and done that and it didn’t help , (he even tried accupuncture) I have gone to a physio-therpist for a few months and it hasn’t really helped a lot either.

Clearly I need to find a way to manage my pain.I am wondering if my the pain site is inflamed ? Do I need to go to bed and just stay there for awhile until things settle down ?  Some suggested stretching the nerve , is this correct ? How do I do it without making things worse ?

I have never really liked house work, but these past 6 months have been ridiculous. I can’t do a darn thing and my daughter is starting to feel like an underpaid servant . I have some deep cleaning to get done, time to call the cleaning lady again .

Anyhow I have had enough for today and it is 2:48 am, I should be in bed sleeping .  I am hoping I will get some positive feed back from this .  If you have gotten this far thanks for listening/reading .

2nd article written December 8,2008

I wrote an article about my chronic pain over a year ago now May 30, 2007 In July 2007 I woke up one morning and the pain was gone. I couldn’t believe it; the sciatic nerve was no long pinched. I had a great summer and all went well until November 2007, basically I kind of forgot about the article. A month or so ago I noticed that a couple of people had commented on it ,one just recently and that I thought I should do an update. The pain did come back in November of last year and this time it is not supposed to go away. I have since had a CTscan and an MRI done. I have face joint syndrome between my L4 and L5 and I have a bulging disc in the area. My osteoarthritis in my back (as well as in my knees) is causing my spine to swell  and that is pressing against the sciatic nerve and the pain is shooting down my leg. Some where along the line I was able to stop taking pain medication for it .It was not helping and taking pain medication as strong as I was can have its own side effects after awhile. Usually now the pain recedes if I sit down or lie down. So that is a good thing .It still gets to me at times and there are days and weeks when all I want to do is sleep . I am told at this stage of the game there is nothing they can do surgically. Wouldn’t much any how, waiting lists around here are over a year long. At the end of the summer I did buy myself a walker. It really helps me stay mobile. I simply just sit down when I get tired and start to have pain. Judging from what I have read on here I am only one of many people on Gather who suffer from chronic pain. . Hopefully we can support one anther and give a listening ear if we can.

3rd article written August  18,2010

I  am constantly amazed how pain comes and goes. This article is a couple of years old, but last summer I was using a walker to get around. I still could not stand up very much. I planted flowers in pots and put them on my deck, but didn’t put much in flower beds because of the difficulty in weeding. I don’t think I rode my bicycle more than a couple of times last summer.

In July of last year I started meeting with a dietitian in hopes of losing some weight. I have lost about 20 pounds in the past year. The struggle is to keep it off.

At the beginning of the summer I decided to buy myself an adult trike , and I have been riding it all summer.This has really helped with the pain, and I have not used my walker since the spring . People have noticed how much better I look , and that I am walking so much better. I do get some pain if I am on my feet too long or if I am sitting too long ,especially at the wrong angle at my computer. The inside damage is still there, so there is no guarantee that the pain won’t return with a vengeance but for now I am enjoying life and having a great summer.


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