Posted by: chocolatequilts | January 3, 2011

Daily Post and Blog Topics

I signed up for the daily post and already it is a challenge to get here. I started to come here over two hours ago, but I try to do too many things at once and I get distracted easy . I have changed my mind about 3 times about what I wanted to blog about about today . I decided since I frittered away my time that I would just have to be content to list some blog topics . My blog is categorized because I have no idea of what category it belongs in. Some of my posts might be interesting , others might be put you to sleep . Check them out now and then you might find something that you like .

Future blog topics may include


Quilts – The reason I named my blog chocolate quilts is because I like  quilting and I love chocolate.

My Dogs – I have two dogs – Misty and Flossy

Word Play– Sometime I want to use a certain word, often I have to go to  to look up how to spell it, then I check out it’s meaning , and then I usually consult to be sure I have the word I want .

Moving – I am moving soon so I sure I will want sound off

Books – one of my biggest passions

E-books – This is huge it deserves it’s own category, and a sub topic of that is free ebooks

Blogs that I follow – way too many

Networking sites that I frequent – some pay you to post on them


Speaking of Networking sites, I have not been to mine yet today except for Facebook of course , so I need to close my post for today !




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  2. Hello! nice blog!

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