Posted by: chocolatequilts | January 6, 2011

I am taking back my laundry !

I can’t remember quite when, but sometime in the past 5 or so years my husband took over doing the laundry. I think one of the reasons he did so was because I had a pinched nerve for about 6 months. It went from my lower back all the way down my leg. It pained so bad I was on strong  medication and even that did not help much.  As time went on hubby decided he liked doing the laundry, and I decided it was okay for him to do it.

However , I am have been grumbling about the way he does the laundry for long enough.  I am tired of lint on my fleece pullovers, lint on my dress slacks. Stains that don’t come out .etc . I would try to explain the proper way to do the wash, but well he was doing his own wash when I was a little girl I guess because he didn’t see anything wrong with the way he did it . I would walk away and the next time he did laundry , he would do it the exact same way. If he need a pair of jeans washed, he would throw in towels, a shirt , pj’s ,a table cloth, what ever , you can imagine the results .

These days we are both under a lot of stress, and I decided that this one was one stress I could do something about . I told him that I was taking back the laundry. He only has permission to wash his own clothes, if he is in such a hurry to have an item that he can’t wait for me to do the laundry. He was doing 2 and 3 loads of laundry a day and there is only the  3 of us in the house.  You might have realized he is a clean freak. ( but sort  only sort of –  he might put all the clothes through the washing machine with soap and hot water, but he never checks to see if the clothes  actually come clean . I have lost track of the times I would go to get a tee-shirt or blouse to wear and sure enough it was unwearable. Still the stains in it .

My steps for doing laundry .

Sort laundry not only  according to  whites, light colors and and darks. Sort according to weights as well (a pair of polyester slacks do not belong in the same load with heavy jeans.) Towels and sheets are to be washed in their own load. A load of towels, a pair of sheets or two sets of twin size sheets require their own load.

Do not overload the washer, not only will things not come clean, the washer will become unbalanced in the spins cycle.    When comes to drying the clothes, be careful of the setting ,and the time. Do not overload the dryer or the clothes will take forever to dry .

Not sure how this will pan out , but I feel better , and my rave is over with for today .



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