Posted by: chocolatequilts | January 6, 2011

Post of the day

note : I messed up again , it is 1:151 on Jan 6, I should have posted before midnight  on Jan5 in my timezone .  One of these days I will get it right or else I will switch to only blogging once a week . Anyhow on with my post .


I spend a fair amount of time on different networking sites and I find a lot of errors.It bugs me when people write comments and post and don’t correct their errors .

Of course I make lots  errors  of my own . I attribute my errors to many things  such spelling mistakes – I should always use a spell checker . Of course spell checker doesn’t always work because I tend to type quickly and mix up words like “there or their “, or “site and sight”.  Sometimes my fingers get mixed up in typing and I press the wrong key .
So I see the need for me to proof read. I try to read something I have posted like this blog post through a couple of times; I read it aloud to myself because I catch more errors that way.
On places like  Facebook (or another site that I frequent like ) I wish they had an edit button in the comment section, so that once my comment posted, if I notice  an error I can go back edit them. . My practice is to go back and delete the comment, correct it in something like Microsoft Word and then re post it. I still lack knowledge when it comes to sentence structure or inserting quotes, commas or the like.
Maybe I am overly picky, but if I am going to share things and  express my opinions I like to display proper grammar and spelling to the best of my ability. I don’t always get it right ,but I try.
Well, I am likely rambling on.. So I am done for today . If you find any errors in this blog leave me a comment telling me so .


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