Posted by: chocolatequilts | January 11, 2011

Daily Post

Here I am at the wrong end of the day , well the day is not over yet somewhere in Canada.  My brain is in the wrong time zone.

My daughter called me today and she told me she landed a job at Simon Frazer University in their Communications and Marketing Department.

I am not exactly what her job title is , or all what she will be doing  – well she will be doing copy writing,editing , but it is more than that apparently .


Working in collaboration with the Director, Marketing & Communications, the Marketing team and Continuing Studies (CS) staff, this position provides leadership in communications initiatives at SFU Continuing Studies. This position is responsible for creating and updating content for various CS marketing materials, leading the development and execution of external and internal communications initiatives, and creating and implementing email marketing and social media marketing initiatives. Acting as a copywriting, copy editing, media relations and social media expert, this position manages Continuing Studies’ marketing communication with prospective students and other key internal and external audiences.

I know she will get paid well , so they can start paying off some of their student loans. I also know that she is way smarter than her mother, and she could probably write this blog with both eyes  closed.

It is gratifying that at least somet good has come out of my life .  She has a twin that doesn’t shine like she does, but God has a plan for her life too . I just don’t know what , and it gets depressing some days because it looks like she will never get to  leave home.    There are bright lights at home, the daughter at home is pretty intuitive about some things , some would say her B.S. meter works pretty good too .

I am tired and this blog seems pointless, but hopefully a year from now or even sooner , I can look back and smile at what was , and will see some progress in my life .


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