Posted by: chocolatequilts | January 12, 2011

Daily Post – A day spent reading

A day spend reading my book . Yeah, I could have had that . It stormed today and it was really cold. So I elected to stay in my nice warm bed and sleep since I didn’t need to be up for any thing specific.  Then the power went off just around noon and I used that for even more of an excuse to stay in bed ,keep warm and snooze some more.  I could have read, but without heat  in the downstairs bedroom it was far too cold and there was not enough light . The power came back on about 5:30 and I came up stairs . It went off about five minutes later. We dug out the candles and flashlights and I curled up in a chair prepared to read for the evening . Especially since the power switched on and off a couple more times before 7:00 PM.  However soon after the power came on and I cautiously turned on my computer , it is 11:20 PM, I am getting my blog written , but still have a few more sites to visit before I craw back in my warm bed and hopefully read for a while before I go to sleep . I am reading a Hopeful Heart By Kim Vogel Sawyer .


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