Posted by: chocolatequilts | January 13, 2011

Daily Post for January 13

I was planning to go to our quilting group this morning . Sadly it was postponed because school was canceled again today in the aftermath of yesterdays storm . The rule is if school is canceled then likely the roads will be too messy for the rest of us as well. More about that in a minute. The other reason  is because  some members either have children at home or they babysit children ,so on days without school  they can not attend quilting . My head tells me this all makes perfect sense .

However, it doesn’t make any sense to my heart ! This morning as I got up and looked out the window and across the street. I saw it was no longer snowing, the street didn’t look too bad and the parking lot of the building  where the quilting group meets was all plowed and ready .   My heart wanted there  to be quilting in the worse way. [School was canceled because the decision is made by someone on the mainland not here on the island , I could be wrong about that , but that is what I was told at one point ]

I realize for the most part the rest of the members have full and interesting lives outside of quilting .  For me it is the middle of January , I am in the worse of  my down time , I am sure I am affected by Seasonal  Effective Disorder . I was looking forward to the extra little nudge that the group meeting would give me, to get in to my sewing room and dig out a project and work on it .

Right now I have a stress headache so am going to go and try to relax and get rid  of it . Have a good evening,  in what ever time zone  you are in ,


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  1. like reading your blog

  2. I understand about the weather disorder thing. We don’t get a lot of snow here but we do get a lot of rain and sometimes it just gets so gloomy. I notice on the few days that the sun does show itself I race around trying to get dressed and coffee made so I can go outside with my little dogs and enjoy the sun.

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