Posted by: chocolatequilts | January 16, 2011

Daily Post

This post is being started about 26 minutes past midnight for various reasons

1) I wanted to make two kinds of muffins and even with my daughter helping me ,they took way longer to make and get in the oven than I thought they would. I made blueberry muffins and my daughter  made cornmeal muffins. We need to find a better recipe for cornmeal muffins. The result from the one we used produced muffins that fell apart as soon as we attempted to cut them and add some butter (even after they were cooled)

2)My husband was out walking one of our dogs, and came downstairs to tell me how nice it looked outside with the snow coming around. So I ran upstairs and took some pictures

3) I messed up the password to my blog account  yet again, and had to get a new one.

4) the real reason is that I am a procrastinator and  started writing

my blog for today, too late .

Be that as it may, today in lieu of writing anything more I am posting the pictures that I took outside.







Flossy’s footprints in the snow


































  1. if you are reading this I will come back and edit this post and fix the pictures on Sunday afternoon

  2. Your little dog looks so cute in the snow.

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