Posted by: chocolatequilts | January 16, 2011

Daily Post

Today was a beautiful sunny day here on the island . On the way home from church I kept viewing the scenery as I usually do and thought to my self that I would drive back later and get some pictures. I went home and had some lunch , read a few emails and then around 3:00 I decided I had better head out . I wanted to get my pictures while the lighting was still fairly good .

I drove down the island and pulled over in different places. I turned my van around and headed back towards home  so I could get better pictures of the ocean side of the road . I happily took pictures for about a half hour or so and drove about 3/4 of the way down the island . I got shots of the ocean, shots of  a favorite house, shots of a deer farm. a picture of a dog out in the yard. I took pictures of the sun hitting the snowy bushes , the snow on the roof of one the churches.  I can’t even remember them all . I used my optical  zoom , and zoomed in and out trying to get the best picture.   I looked at the time and decided it was time to head home . I first made a stop in at the Save Easy, and on my way out I saw a cute dog sticking it ‘s  head out the window , and I thought I should grab my camera and get a picture. Right then it started barking at me and so I thought well I had better not …

I got home stuck the memory card in to my the slot on my laptop. No pictures, I thought to myself I must have done that wrong , tried again , no new pictures. Took it out, stuck in the desktop , I examined the card itself  and no new pictures .   I sat and cried.  I could not believe it . I spent over an hour of my time driving around and I did not get one single picture.     I  told my daughter well I think what happened is that I accidentally pressed the off/on button each time instead of the shutter button . The thing is I must have pushed the shutter button halfway down each time (at least on some of them) because I remember try to focus in . In one picture I even used the open window on my van to rest my camera on as I tend to have a hard time holding the camera steady. I remember seeing the auto focus frames .  If you are thinking well how could one mix the off/on button up with the shutter button let me explain. On my camera the off/on button is to the left of the zoom button and the shutter button is to the right . So without thinking my fingers must have got mixed  up .

I felt so tired and discouraged after that I sat and cried and then I went and took a nap . When I came back I thought about it some more and wondered what else I could have done wrong and really can’t think of anything . Doesn’t matter .One of my friends on Facebook said well the island will still be here tomorrow . My daughter said well you got to do some sight-seeing . That is true.  My reasoning was I was in the mood and the sun was shining and the pictures won’t ever be quite the same as they would have been today . There must be  a life lesson in that someplace , will have to think on it some more.  I am sure we will have more beautiful sunny winter days and I can take the time to go out and shoot some new pictures. Not sure if it will be this week though. A friend is arriving on Tuesday and is going to have help me do some sorting and packing . But that is another whole blog topic and I want to get my blog posted on time for today .


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