Posted by: chocolatequilts | January 17, 2011

Daily Post For January 17

One of my Passions

Have I mentioned that I love to read . I generally have a book going all the time. Sometimes I have two on the go, if I misplace one that I am reading. If I misplace a book and  if after a quick glance around all the places that it could be in the house  I just grab a second book. I don’t spend hours looking for the lost book because usually will show up sooner or lately . Tonight I found a book that I misplaced a couple of days  ago,  it was in a cloth carry around bag.

I do read other kind of books from time to time , but I prefer to read Christian novels . A mix of historical and contemporary . There are many sub genres within those two. Romance,mystery,police, military, current issues ,the Amish and more . What I read depends on my mood mostly .

I am bad at book reviews so I seldom do them but I would like to recommend two websites where I sometimes  add the titles of the books that I have read. I say sometimes because with most things in my life I am not very consist at them . Both I discovered through Facebook. and

Have a good evening and take time to read a good book !


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