Posted by: chocolatequilts | January 18, 2011

Daily Post for Janruary 18

Packing –  Day 1  -first official day

I actualy set my alarm for 9:30 this morning , and have been up since then . A dear friend came by shortly before 11am and we got started on the packing .  Back up a little bit, after 7 years in our current location where are moving on . It is not  going to be easy to say good bye to a beautiful place . We have had time to accumulate things, so some gets tossed or donated and some will get kept . I had forgotten just how long it takes to sort through things decide what stays, and then to pack it securely . Unlike how one of my daughters pack , we just can not throw every in a box and expect it to arrive in one piece.  I am thankful for my friend helping me. Just thinking about packing brings on the fatigue and I am normally tired all the time anyways . (due to various medical conditions )  Basic equipment for packing some sturdy boxes , packaging tape, bubble wrap ,tissue paper  (news paper leaves ink all over one’s hands and on the item you want to wrap ) , a permanent marker – preferably a Sharpie ,a tape gun and some paper scissors .Keep the garbage can close by .  I am not able to do much standing,bending,pushing and pulling so I got to give instructions, and help as I could from my chair.  I made the coffee, but forgot to replenish the coffee as it grew cold in the cup. 🙂

Today we repacked everything to do with Christmas except for the artificial tree. (things like tree decorations, wreaths, candles,Christmas pictures, and more )

We had to do some errands after a while, it helps to make a to do list for those. Today one homemade quilt got donated to charity, it had been made to give away and this was a different charity but hopefully will be of great benefit to the recipient .

We made good progress, and before she comes  backs again I will attempt  to list some goals for our next packing session , which is tomorrow after noon.



  1. I didn’t know you were moving! How sad. I know you really loved this last place. So where will you go now? I am sorry it took me so long to start reading your daily blogs. I am trying very hard to do all the things I should be doing m ore consistently and one of them is supporting my friends.

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