Posted by: chocolatequilts | January 19, 2011

Daily Post for January 19

Day 2 of packing – good thing one of us an organizer ,it is sure is not me. We started in on the sewing room today .

We sorted through many baskets and containers. We actually put the final lid on one – meaning  it is all packed and ready to go . A few things went in to individual project bags (large zip lock freezer bags) and once they are organized they go in to a large storage tote that gets to stay out until closer to moving day .

I actually have a huge bag marked  ” Give Away” That was hard to do ,but my friend says her other friend uses absolutely everything to make quilts out of , so I am assured that it won’t end up in the dumpster . So that made me feel better. I did make a discovery that made me feel almost ill. One quilt top that I have had around for a long and was on a list to be quilted and donated, got wet sometime since last summer and  was full of mildew. I tried two different treatments and they didn’t work, so unless someone else wants to try a rescue attempt that may find it’s way to the dumpster .

Tomorrow our quilt group meets for the first time since early December so we might take a break from our packing unless we get together for a bit in the afternoon .


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