Posted by: chocolatequilts | January 22, 2011

Daily Post – January 22

This poem used to hang on the wall in my home when my children were small. They are grown now, but I still have the print in a frame. I kind of thought I would like to pass it on to one of my daughters when have their own children. I guess I had better file it in the archives for safekeeping .

As much as I like this poem ,I would like to write my own   poem about how important is to sit and listen to a friend over coffee, send an email, take time to post on a blog, read a good book,make a quilt for loved ones or for a good charity .  I don’t think keeping the house in perfect order and serving up perfect meals was ever meant to be the sole job description for a housewife . And I much prefer the word homemaker ! 🙂

Today, it seemed I did more sleeping than anything, I did get out to the  Saturday winter market . I sat with a couple of friends at the tables provided for eating the food purchased from the vendors . I had a delicious smoked salmon wrap and a nice cup of coffee. I thought of  driving around to take some pictures but it was much too cold .



  1. I am having a hard time reading the whole poem. My eyes have gotten much worse in the last couple of years. Can you maybe type it out in one of your blogs. Thanks much.

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