Posted by: chocolatequilts | January 26, 2011

Daily Post for January 26

Packed again today, I think I have finally gone through all my fabric and decided what to keep , what to give away and what to toss in the garbage ,not a whole a lot went to the garbage, If it did it meant it was dirty, or too small or too thin to be used in a project .

Hubby packed more pictures, my friend who shall remain nameless to protect her identity on a public blog , packed more books.She is a total gift from the Lord that is for sure .

I am totally wiped out , so will keep this short , going to go do my spins at Winster and then take my book and go to bed.   I just came back out of my sewing room , was in there trying to make a decision about something, waste of time, my mind is too fried. That is depressing .

oh the book I am currently reading is Arkansas by Christine Lynxwiler .It is not that recent and I bought it second-hand but it is a good very book . Love the romance .


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