Posted by: chocolatequilts | January 27, 2011

Daily Post for January 27

I had set my alarm to go off at 8:30 this morning .For some reason it did not off and Ron woke me up at 8:45. He said it was storming badly . I called Beverly , no answer, so I figured she was on her way. I called Martha no answer. I went upstairs to get dressed and saw Martha and Nancy go in to the church vestry. So I got dressed and got myself and Flossy ready , and Ron took us over so we would not have to trudge through the snow.

Martha, Nancy, Mary and Dawn worked on the raffle quilt . Beverly and I worked on our own projects. Flossy found a lap to sit on and she was happy .

I worked on my wall hanging that I had started  last fall at the quilt retreat in Maine. It took me over 3 hours but I did manage to get it all sewed together. Now I need to add a border and a backing , and I can begin to quilt it . Not sure if I will do this before or after the our move.

Decided to take the day off from packing but will get an early start in the morning .

I guess that is I all I have to talk  about for  day and  I have already used up the time I allocated to blog  for today .

quilt blocks -someone snapped a picture of my blocks while I was off getting some coffee


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