Posted by: chocolatequilts | January 28, 2011

I was saddened to read on facebook this evening the christian writer Leisha Kelly passed away this week along with her 16 year old son . I thought that was just so sad . I recognized the name right away because I have 6 of her books .These books focused on the families that struggled through the time of the Great Depression . Her website can be found at and a link to obituary  can be found at

We packed from about 10:30 to 3:30 almost finished the sewing room, I was going to finish this evening but ran out of energy .My library (at least most of my novels  about 3-4 shelves full left are all packed as well )

Got talking to Christy today , and got sucked in to a shouting match . Advice to self don’t start discussing something when you are hungry and tired . You end shouting and acting in the same childish manner that Christy carries on in . I told her she sound like a raving maniac , she said I didn’t have to be so insulting or mean .  I don’t think she was in a good mood all day today anyhow.



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