Posted by: chocolatequilts | February 4, 2011

Daily Post for February 4

I am not sure why but today , my feet hurt worse than have in a very long time.  What was neat was that just this afternoon we moved my recliner to a part of the room where I could actually sit in it and put my feet up . Before it was sitting in a part of the room where I wanted to use it I had to move stuff off of it , and I could not use it to watch TV because it facing the corner on the other side of the room .I sat down and watched the news and I feel the pain almost drain away ( if such thing is possible )

I got one block of my wall hanging done . I have a wall hanging that I am doing for a friend , and it is now at the top of the list of projects to be done before I move. We had quilting today instead of yesterday. I was some what dismayed to realize how much time it takes me to sew . It seem to me that I did more talking than actually sewing . I am starting to think I can’t do much very fast these days. My mind just works slowly so I move slowly. I read a book way slower that I would like to .  All the stress has fried my mind I think. Have a doctors appointment on Feb 14, guess that will be another  step in making some changes in my life .



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