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Daily Post for January 25

Started packing shorting after 9:30 , went just before 1:00 . Sorted through some more material , have one more large tote to sift through and decide what to keep and what to throw or give away ( need to check to see if there is any more material in guest room .)

I thought I would continue on with sorting after lunch, but I didn’t get there. From 2:20 to about 6:00 I really do not recall what I actually did . Feels like I mostly frittered the day way .  one thing I did was to dress Flossy and let her run around the backyard for a few minutes. I also talked to the E.A,P. when he called . We talked for a while but in the end I decided talking once a week on the phone to someone  I have not been able to establish any report with , would not work for me .  Not sure  what my next step will be .

As i write this blog on my laptop I am also watching a DVD with my husband. I have not watch a movie with or without him in quite some time. So that is a good thing to be able to watch a movie we both like. The movie is a Disney Movie called ” Secretariat ” In real life the jockey who won  was from New Brunswick . That is kind of cool .

Not much to say today , I want to get everything done online and read some before I go to sleep .

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Daily post for January 24

The temperature this evening off my back deck which faces East is -16 Celsius which is 3.2 º   It is supposed to stay this way until Wednesday. Flossy didn’t want to run around outside for more than 30 seconds today . Even though Misty is part Husky we decided to bring her in around 3:00 pm . She was in her dog house , but since the door is facing the wind , I think she was glad to be inside. Besides she gets more attention inside and she likes that too .

Did some more packing today , I will be glad when the sewing room is done, I hate all the sorting .   Gave Ron some more pictures to pack today. He does a nice job of using bubble wrap, so I shouldn’t have to worry about them getting broken. He was able to buy a box of bubble wrap pockets which is great for all the knickknacks.  We lot of dishes but they will come a bit later . Want to do the basement area first as it is more concentrated .

My friend is coming in the morning at 9:30 – I have wanted to start going to bed earlier and this forces me to do it .No more sitting on my computer at 2:00 and 3:00 o’clock in the morning . It is hard enough for me to make decisions about how to sort and how to pack without making it worse by not getting enough sleep . ( well with my sleep apnea I hardly ever get enough sleep , but that is another  topic )

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Daily Post for January 23

Wow ! Bobbie Hayes Won

Back in November I blogged about

Finalist Bobby Hayes


Age 51
Volunteers in: Saint John, New Brunswick
Category: CANADA, Education, Community, Culture
Organizations: The Joshua Group

This volunteer is a top 10 finalist. Click here to vote for this volunteer now »

In Saint John, one man wages a war on behalf of the city’s street kids.

Bobby Hayes spends a lot of his time at Crack Corner. No, he’s not using……..

The update is that he won. I didn’t see it on TV but heard about it in church this morning .  It is neat that from all the Canadian Entries this man from Saint John. New Brunswick won. We think this is just so cool

Read the entire blog at

This video is really worth the time it takes to watch

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Daily Post – January 22

This poem used to hang on the wall in my home when my children were small. They are grown now, but I still have the print in a frame. I kind of thought I would like to pass it on to one of my daughters when have their own children. I guess I had better file it in the archives for safekeeping .

As much as I like this poem ,I would like to write my own   poem about how important is to sit and listen to a friend over coffee, send an email, take time to post on a blog, read a good book,make a quilt for loved ones or for a good charity .  I don’t think keeping the house in perfect order and serving up perfect meals was ever meant to be the sole job description for a housewife . And I much prefer the word homemaker ! 🙂

Today, it seemed I did more sleeping than anything, I did get out to the  Saturday winter market . I sat with a couple of friends at the tables provided for eating the food purchased from the vendors . I had a delicious smoked salmon wrap and a nice cup of coffee. I thought of  driving around to take some pictures but it was much too cold .

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Daily Post for January 21

Today was day 3 of packing . Seems like we started much longer of ago.

We started around 10:30 , took sometime off ( can’t remember how much for a late lunch ) and then quit about 6:00 pm.  I am tired and didn’t really notice the exact time.     I was just thankful that I had my friend here again  today to help me pack. My brain or thought processes are not working well enough today to make decisions on  what to keep and what to pack by myself. I did decide to toss some more fabric – virtually none will go to the garbage though, good thing I could not bear the thought .

We started working on de-cluttering my office , had to quit, I was just wasting time. I hope I can try again by myself over the weekend .

The weather was totally crazy, snow got so bad , we bought Misty in , but then I think it quit snowing around 3:30 . it is 10:38 and the wind is still blowing hard. We have not lost power though, am grateful for that .

I t was so nice to kick back and laugh ourselves silly over things that hit our funny bone. one would think we were drinking but we were not, I was just tired, and letting go of some stress , I think I talked my friend’s ear half off.

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Daily Post for January 20

Today was a bad depression day .


I went to quilting , and really didn’t accomplish much., and I found the noise level got on my nerves. I just can’t hack trying to carry on a conversation with the person across from me , when the noise level is so bad I can’t  hear them. Doesn’t make me look forward to next week at all .

Our regional minister came to see us . He took us to lunch and then came to the house and we talked. Guess my expectations were too high. I just didn’t come away feeling very encouraged .  I wanted to cry .

Went to look for socks and slippers, was not successful at either . I came home and went to sleep. This looks like a helpful website . I know what I need to do , I just have to go back and talk to my doctor about it . I wish right now though, I could go to sleep and wake up in the Spring.






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Daily Post for January 19

Day 2 of packing – good thing one of us an organizer ,it is sure is not me. We started in on the sewing room today .

We sorted through many baskets and containers. We actually put the final lid on one – meaning  it is all packed and ready to go . A few things went in to individual project bags (large zip lock freezer bags) and once they are organized they go in to a large storage tote that gets to stay out until closer to moving day .

I actually have a huge bag marked  ” Give Away” That was hard to do ,but my friend says her other friend uses absolutely everything to make quilts out of , so I am assured that it won’t end up in the dumpster . So that made me feel better. I did make a discovery that made me feel almost ill. One quilt top that I have had around for a long and was on a list to be quilted and donated, got wet sometime since last summer and  was full of mildew. I tried two different treatments and they didn’t work, so unless someone else wants to try a rescue attempt that may find it’s way to the dumpster .

Tomorrow our quilt group meets for the first time since early December so we might take a break from our packing unless we get together for a bit in the afternoon .

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Daily Post for Janruary 18

Packing –  Day 1  -first official day

I actualy set my alarm for 9:30 this morning , and have been up since then . A dear friend came by shortly before 11am and we got started on the packing .  Back up a little bit, after 7 years in our current location where are moving on . It is not  going to be easy to say good bye to a beautiful place . We have had time to accumulate things, so some gets tossed or donated and some will get kept . I had forgotten just how long it takes to sort through things decide what stays, and then to pack it securely . Unlike how one of my daughters pack , we just can not throw every in a box and expect it to arrive in one piece.  I am thankful for my friend helping me. Just thinking about packing brings on the fatigue and I am normally tired all the time anyways . (due to various medical conditions )  Basic equipment for packing some sturdy boxes , packaging tape, bubble wrap ,tissue paper  (news paper leaves ink all over one’s hands and on the item you want to wrap ) , a permanent marker – preferably a Sharpie ,a tape gun and some paper scissors .Keep the garbage can close by .  I am not able to do much standing,bending,pushing and pulling so I got to give instructions, and help as I could from my chair.  I made the coffee, but forgot to replenish the coffee as it grew cold in the cup. 🙂

Today we repacked everything to do with Christmas except for the artificial tree. (things like tree decorations, wreaths, candles,Christmas pictures, and more )

We had to do some errands after a while, it helps to make a to do list for those. Today one homemade quilt got donated to charity, it had been made to give away and this was a different charity but hopefully will be of great benefit to the recipient .

We made good progress, and before she comes  backs again I will attempt  to list some goals for our next packing session , which is tomorrow after noon.

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Daily Post For January 17

One of my Passions

Have I mentioned that I love to read . I generally have a book going all the time. Sometimes I have two on the go, if I misplace one that I am reading. If I misplace a book and  if after a quick glance around all the places that it could be in the house  I just grab a second book. I don’t spend hours looking for the lost book because usually will show up sooner or lately . Tonight I found a book that I misplaced a couple of days  ago,  it was in a cloth carry around bag.

I do read other kind of books from time to time , but I prefer to read Christian novels . A mix of historical and contemporary . There are many sub genres within those two. Romance,mystery,police, military, current issues ,the Amish and more . What I read depends on my mood mostly .

I am bad at book reviews so I seldom do them but I would like to recommend two websites where I sometimes  add the titles of the books that I have read. I say sometimes because with most things in my life I am not very consist at them . Both I discovered through Facebook. and

Have a good evening and take time to read a good book !

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Daily Post

Today was a beautiful sunny day here on the island . On the way home from church I kept viewing the scenery as I usually do and thought to my self that I would drive back later and get some pictures. I went home and had some lunch , read a few emails and then around 3:00 I decided I had better head out . I wanted to get my pictures while the lighting was still fairly good .

I drove down the island and pulled over in different places. I turned my van around and headed back towards home  so I could get better pictures of the ocean side of the road . I happily took pictures for about a half hour or so and drove about 3/4 of the way down the island . I got shots of the ocean, shots of  a favorite house, shots of a deer farm. a picture of a dog out in the yard. I took pictures of the sun hitting the snowy bushes , the snow on the roof of one the churches.  I can’t even remember them all . I used my optical  zoom , and zoomed in and out trying to get the best picture.   I looked at the time and decided it was time to head home . I first made a stop in at the Save Easy, and on my way out I saw a cute dog sticking it ‘s  head out the window , and I thought I should grab my camera and get a picture. Right then it started barking at me and so I thought well I had better not …

I got home stuck the memory card in to my the slot on my laptop. No pictures, I thought to myself I must have done that wrong , tried again , no new pictures. Took it out, stuck in the desktop , I examined the card itself  and no new pictures .   I sat and cried.  I could not believe it . I spent over an hour of my time driving around and I did not get one single picture.     I  told my daughter well I think what happened is that I accidentally pressed the off/on button each time instead of the shutter button . The thing is I must have pushed the shutter button halfway down each time (at least on some of them) because I remember try to focus in . In one picture I even used the open window on my van to rest my camera on as I tend to have a hard time holding the camera steady. I remember seeing the auto focus frames .  If you are thinking well how could one mix the off/on button up with the shutter button let me explain. On my camera the off/on button is to the left of the zoom button and the shutter button is to the right . So without thinking my fingers must have got mixed  up .

I felt so tired and discouraged after that I sat and cried and then I went and took a nap . When I came back I thought about it some more and wondered what else I could have done wrong and really can’t think of anything . Doesn’t matter .One of my friends on Facebook said well the island will still be here tomorrow . My daughter said well you got to do some sight-seeing . That is true.  My reasoning was I was in the mood and the sun was shining and the pictures won’t ever be quite the same as they would have been today . There must be  a life lesson in that someplace , will have to think on it some more.  I am sure we will have more beautiful sunny winter days and I can take the time to go out and shoot some new pictures. Not sure if it will be this week though. A friend is arriving on Tuesday and is going to have help me do some sorting and packing . But that is another whole blog topic and I want to get my blog posted on time for today .

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